Speaking topics & Educational Courses

Speaking topics

Any of these speaking topics can be customized to your audience and required length of presentation.

  • Recognizing your need of healthy boundaries and how to establish them
  • Recognizing your need of self-care and what to do about it
  • Recognizing critical stress symptoms and how to destress
  • Recognizing emotional trauma in others and how you can help
  • Recognizing PTSD and making correct referrals to higher levels of care
  • Help! I’m a Pastor: How to help your congregation through a crisis.
  • Peer Support in the work place: The value and success of appropriate work-place interventions (including important resources for peer support and crisis response teams).
  • It’s OK to say no! Boundaries - what they are and why they are important.
  • Holistic Healthy Habits: Building mental and emotional resilience.
  • What to do when life sucks: It’s ok not to be ok.
  • Believe you can rise again: Resurgam!
  • Leader's Tips For Team Health: Leadership skills to help your team thrive when responding to critical events.
  • Covid: The mental health pandemic. 
  • What you don’t know will hurt you: Knowing when and how to ask for help.
  • Disaster Relief Ministry: Effective biblical emotional and spiritual care in disasters.
  • First Responder Operational Stress Injury Is Real: Breaking the public safety mental health stigma.

All requests are to include the costs of travel, food & lodging unless other arrangements have been agreed upon by both parties beforehand.

Educational Courses

Certified Courses – Critical Incident Stress Management courses-2 days each

  • Assisting individuals in crisis
  • Group crisis intervention
  • Strategic response to crisis

Non-certified courses – half day, full day,  or two days

  • Effective team leadership
  • It’s ok not to be ok
  • Emotionally healthy church leadership
  • Responding in the disaster relief field
  • Biblical strategies for healthy emotions

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